ball catcher as ball distributor

The Ball Catcher collects the balls from various directions and distributes them at random. The posts are made of steel tube Ø 90 mm. Total height approx. 250 cm

Social competence Fitness Senses Feel for the ball

£838.95 *

  • Item number:5620300
  • Material:Steel, GFRP
  • Foundation level:FL 3
  • Minimum space:Ø 200x200 cm
volleyball system Miami

Volleyball system made of special aluminium profiles Ø 83 mm. Prepared for ground sockets. The system can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas because of the tensioning device with the tensioning lever and chain. Please order the net and ground sockets...

Fitness Social competence Feel for the ball

£754.95 *

  • Item number:5620150
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Foundation level:FL 3