ibondo Parallel Swinger

Experience motion in a new way. The Nest seat moves in the shape of a parallelogram, always rocking parallel to the ground. Enjoy the feeling of floating in the air!

Velocity Social competence Social behaviour Relaxing Senses

£3,311.00 *

  • Item number:5553355
  • Material:SW pi
  • Foundation level:FL 1
  • Minimum space:860x428x343 cm
ibondo Swing Snake

Swinging together with several children is much more fun. It takes the joint effort to make the swing snake go really fast.

Velocity Balance Social competence Social behaviour Senses

£7,699.00 *

  • Item number:5553345
  • Material:SW pi
  • Foundation level:FL 3
  • Minimum space:1305x466x360 cm
ibondo Multi-Functional Swing

The Multi-Functional Swing is the absolute centre of attraction in any playground. Swinging, balancing, surfing or simply "hanging around"– with this multi-functional swing, everything is possible!

Balance Senses Social competence Velocity Social behaviour Fitness

£8,735.00 *

  • Item number:5553325
  • Material:SW pi
  • Foundation level:FL 1
  • Minimum space:1150x1580x540 cm
ibondo Double Swing Crane 415

With a swing beam height of 415 cm, swinging is turned into an experience of a very special kind. No hill installation required.

Velocity Social competence Senses

£2,264.00 *

  • Item number:5551395
  • Material:SW pi
  • Foundation level:FL 3
  • Minimum space:1074x535x415 cm
ibondo Six-Bay Swing with 6 Tyre Seats

The Six-Bay Swing was developed on the basis of our experience that playing together with other children is more fun. The construction is based on a static principle which is also a component of the TÜV and GS assessments and certifications.

Velocity Social competence Balance Social behaviour Senses

£4,980.00 *

  • Item number:5551335
  • Material:SW pi
  • Foundation level:FL 3
  • Minimum space:1302x1215x328 cm