Finding that Funding

“If only we had the money…”

With suitable funding almost a financial necessity for any new build or refurbishment project these days, it is essential that schools and businesses know where they can turn to in times of economic need.

So many times, one hears the conditional tense, “We would love to redecorate, if only we could afford it.” Well, eibe can help to turn that tense from a conditional to a ‘present’!

Part of our customer charter is to provide a free of charge consultancy service that advises customers not only on relevant products and design ideas, but also possible financial support in the form of charitable trusts, lottery funding and partnership awards.

Any school can receive a massive boost to help its specific play project come to fruition and here at eibe we are making the search for that all-important funding relatively easy.

So here is a comprehensive list of potential partners who may be able to provide you with valuable financial backing. Feel free to discuss the matter with your local eibe representative. You can call us on 01483 813834.

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