And I think to myself...

What a Wonderful World

And I think to myself...
What a Wonderful World

eibe’s 21st century global expansion has seen us complete projects in many far off places, including Morocco, Turkey, Russia, China, Korea, Malaysia, Japan – and even as far as Australia and New Zealand.

We are delighted to announce some new installations on the other side of the world. One of our landmark products, the beautiful Santa Maria ship, has recently landed in sunny Queensland in North East Australia.

Facing one of the most famous natural wonders of the world – the Great Barrier Reef – the ship is sure to delight local children with wonderful pirate adventures and challenging games on the high seas. Another of the extensive eibe fleet, a Pinta ship, can also be found further down the coastline at a school in Busselton.

Completing our ‘Cook-like’ Oceanic expedition, eibe docked in New Zealand and its capital city, Wellington. Here we installed another Pinta ship, which we hope will be as popular as other previous projects we have completed down under!

The total number of countries with an eibe playground currently stands at 65 – that’s a third of the planet!

Only another 131 nations to go…





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