Park Life


Within the next couple of months, an imminent eibe playground project will signify a momentous milestone for the company.

During our relatively short lifetime, we have completed close on 200 playspaces around the British Isles, as detailed in the geographical map. We have worked with town and parish councils, schools, garden centres and leisure attractions throughout the country to create imaginative playscapes that entertain children of all ages. 

The photo gallery below gives a glimpse in to the innovative worlds we can create, showcasing a multitude of fabulous products across a myriad of magical ranges. 

Paul Redden, managing director of eibe UK says:

“We are very excited to be approaching our two hundredth park and we look forward to celebrating the occasion with whoever the client is in an appropriate fashion. I guess we can start to look forward to the three hundredth the rate we are going!”


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