Message on the current corona situation


Dear customers, partners and friends,

As the management of the eibe group, we are very concerned about the health and safety of our eibe employees and their families, our suppliers and of course you as our customers and partners.

The eibe group is active in many countries around the world – and so we are taking all necessary safety and health precautions. We too want to contribute to the safety and maintenance of human health.

The measures we take will hopefully provide the best possible protection for staff and families and at the same time will ensure a continuous good service for you.

  • We are here for you and can be reached by phone, email and through our specialist advisors
  • We produce and deliver according to the available capacities and will be taking all official regulations into account
  • We evaluate the supply chains daily to keep the impact on your time schedules as low as possible

At present, we cannot rule out delays completely and ask for your patience and understanding.

As described, we participate in all health recommendations issued by the authorities. But please allow me the following comment: This current situation is not only a health crisis, but also an economic disaster – and will have dire effects on many companies. And, as we all know too well, these are made up individuals, of you and me.

So please – let us all pull together, support each other and help our world with the following:

  • consistently follow the recommendations of the authorities so that the epidemic ends as soon as possible
  • try to carry out orders and construction projects that are planed. Prompt implementation will help to stabilise economic cycles – and will prevent them from coming to a screeching hold!

You can make a difference to the outcome of this crisis, so that the entire economy and our companies in particular will be ready for the time after the virus – because times will sure get better again.

With the best wishes for the future and stay healthy!

Tilo Eichinger with the eibe team