At eibe, we believe that After Sales Care is a business imperative. Selling gives us all a motivational buzz; and watching a project reach completion with a professional installation team is satisfying and reassuring. But unlike some companies who sit back and admire their work, eibe's involvement is far from finished. Managed by Projects Manager, Ben Neaves, from our headquarters in Surrey, our highly-qualified customer care team will advise and assist on all facets of after sales from routine maintenance inspections to the replacement and provision of spare parts.


Accidents do happen. Children will always explore and experiment. So although you will not be breaking the law by neglecting the whole area of regular inspection, you could save yourself considerable time and cost with the insurance of one of our eibe package options. Our engineering experts adhere to current safety standards at all times, will provide a written report including comprehensive risk assessment and carry out minor repairs on site and free of charge.


Maintenance Safety and Performance of a playground are essential ingredients for happy children and parents. The benefits of a maintenance agreement offer peace of mind from the very outset. Carried out by qualified installers, regular maintenance increases the lifespan of equipment. Our team will proactively action any issues that arise, thus resolving dangers before they become potentially hazardous. Expert guidance on all BS EN 1176 matters, emergency call outs and fast resolution are all crucial add-ons to the eibe service offering.

Spare Parts

When things do occasionally go wrong, it's how the problem is resolved that's important. At eibe, we get on the case immediately, replacing, repairing or upgrading - we will do whatever we can to respond to your issue at hand in the most convenient way possible. We will quote for any replacement part over the telephone, have it ordered quickly and delivered and installed in no time at all. Children's play time is of paramount importance to our company ethos; we will not let small inconveniences hinder that mind-set.


We offer different "After Sales" Packages depending on your own needs and budget. Please call the Customer Service Team on 01483 813834 and we will be more than happy to talk you through your options and send you further details.

Proof of competence

Individuals are considered competent if, based on their specialist training and experience, have sufficient knowledge in the field of the equipment to be inspected. Moreover, they are totally familiar with the respective regulations, codes, rules and the generally acknowledged engineering rules, so that they are able to judge if the equipment to be inspected is safe. They may for example be engineers, master or qualified craftsmen, or service technicians.

The knowledge of the accident prevention regulations for playgrounds and of the DIN and DIN EN standards applicable to playgrounds must be proved by examinations of competence that have to be documented at regular intervals.


Our timber and steel structural play equipment carry a 10-year guarantee.

Indoor Furniture carries an 11-year guarantee.

Five years' warranty for all parts except wear parts.

Two years' warranty for wear parts; easy replacement.