What makes eibe special - 10 good reasons

1. Play value

Friedrich Fröbel, the founder of the "Kindergarten" left the meaningful message: "Play does not mean playing around. It it highly serious and deeply meaningful."

We wish to pursue this guiding principle and give playing it's merited value. Enhanced play value is a primary focus of the eibe company philosophy. We want to consider every aspect of this feature and meet all necessary requirements for play equipment: eibe play worlds are valuable in every respect. The educational demand in play equipment has considerably increased in the recent years. We think this is a good thing for a child-oriented development of future generations. Children learn through play and movement, both support and challenge all essential skills. It is therefore all the more important, that the educational aspect and expert opinion of educators is included in the design concept from the beginning. However, the expertise of those who work daily with our play equipment is just as important for us. An ambitious educational concept and inspired children having great fun with our play worlds, that is our claim. ­

Evaluating our play equipment in consideration of these aspects shows that eibe can guarantee for high play value. eibe play worlds stand for:

  • Fitness and joy of movement
  • Social skills
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Motor skills
  • Strengthening of all senses
  • Knowledge and three-dimensional perception
  • Joy of experimenting
  • Exploring the elements
  • Relaxing and sense of order 
  • Structures of social relations

2. Innovation

Functionality and design - an invincible combination which guarantees hours of fun! With colourful, sophisticated play equipment, eibe creates fantastic and dynamic play worlds, which fascinate experts, delight decision makers and thrill children at the same time. We place particular emphasis on education, nurturing and encouraging children to have fun outdoors.

  • International pioneers in design and product development: We analyse trends and use information to implement innovation in new and relevant products
  • Educationally valuable and child-oriented concepts - perfectly tailored to each and every age group. 
  • eibe listens, responds to problems and demands and develops functional, technically-superior product solutions
  • we permanently update our knowledge-base with the latest findings in developmental research
  • when it comes to product development, we focus on a perfect blend of fun, innovation and functionality

3. Individuality

Whether it is play equipment for nursery schools, keep fit equipment in recreation areas for the young and old or playgrounds for the leisure industry - our huge and combinable ranges offer an endless scope when it comes to design options. We plan and manufacture individually tailored playgrounds, creating imaginative, bespoke solutions that children and adults can enjoy for a lifetime. 

The right solution whatever the requirement:

  • City: Play equipment for public areas, large cities and medium-sized towns. 
  • Leisure & tourism: Sophisticated play worlds for zoos, gastronomy, hotels, campsites and museums. 
  • Councils: Play equipment for public areas, housing, medium-sized towns/large cities and communities. 
  • Schools & nurseries: Educational, fun and interesting concepts for schools, nurseries and day care centres.

4. Environment

For over twenty years, sustainability has been an integral part of our business strategy; from wood production to catalogue printing, with a host of certificates and recognition to support it. Our wood comes from sustainable forestry and is 100% guaranteed, FSC® certified (COC). We pride ourselves on our exemplary 'green' management and environmentally compatible products.

eibe has a wealth of experience; our teams are extremely knowledgeable regarding the strict processing criteria. We source the wood for all eibe brands with exemplary forest management, using controlled cultivation, so the lush greenery will be preserved for our children in the future. 

Throughout our playground planning, we always include natural vegetation and consider the local environment. 

eibe environmental approach: ecological vision

  • Timber sourced from sustainable forestry, guaranteed 100% FSC® certified (COC)
  • Environmental protection: deeply anchored in the corporate philosophy 
  • Award-winning environmental management and environmentally friendly products
  • Ecologically compatible manufacturing processes
  • Consequent fair thinking and acting

5. Safety first

Tough, durable, reliable and certified - eibe is the ideal partner in terms of safety. Our products are manufactured from our hi-tech plant in Germany and are thoroughly tested before they are approved for usage. Our products are also certified, complying with all necessary EU standards - a challenge we gladly meet. The safety of our children is of paramount importance. 

  • extremely sturdy, super stable and durable designs
  • Safety experts advise us and advance development
  • regular certification & test procedures
  • additional safety checks
  • TÜV-certified: certified in compliance with DIN EN 1176

6. quality

From the design process, through to the production and planning: only the very best is good enough for eibe. Carefully sourced raw materials, latest technology, high educational standards and sophisticated concepts - all this is the foundation of our corporate philosophy. We want children across the globe to play in peace and safety. We will continue to champion such a cause.

  • from the first cut of timber to the final installation: the best quality!
  • "Made in Germany"
  • All products are manufactured only in Germany
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • long-term product warranty inclusive

7. Full service

eibe offers professional full service worldwide. When it comes to the design of new play equipment, we support you from the beginning with our full service: individual consultation, visits at site and bespoke concepts are a matter of course for us! We implement your ideas in clear, easy to visualise stages and work with you on each individual step of the journey, managing costs for the duration of your scheme. Our project managers work seamlessly together with our internal specialists: You always have a direct contact person who can consult, advise and refer whenever you have a specific question. 

  • all-round competence and personal engagement
  • creative concept development in accordance with international requirements
  • professional expert knowledge and industry expertise
  • user friendly assembly with detailed and illustrated assembly instructions
  • assembly support with an eibe assembly specialist
  • long-term product warranty
  • spare parts service

8. Reliability

With eibe, you can count on one thing: Reliability! Our team ensures that any play equipment is ideally matched with the needs of our customers  - we plan meticulously, down to the finest detail. Prompt delivery is as important to us as the correct assembly of the actual play equipment. Our reputation for reliability is based on experience and expertise.

Why you can completely rely on us: 

  • eibe boasts decades of experience and great company traditions. 
  • eibe is a trustworthy partner - for now - and the future. 
  • eibe is proud of its economically sound foundations.
  • eibe stands solidly on the ground - decides and acts authentically. 
  • eibe puts customer service at the forefront of our company pledge.
  • eibe is a family company. We are personable, approachable and friendly. 

9. Holistic approach

Holistic concepts to ensure the most fun - developed and recommended by teachers and educators: eibe wants to give children all the time in the world: for socialising, exploration and play. We see our playgrounds as a holistic living space, where children are nurtured and stimulated in a dynamic environment. To create such spaces we update our knowledge in children's developmental research permanently. Our honest objective: to deliver fantastic play worlds, using the best quality materials, while inspiring children with additional and educational value. To achieve this objective, we constantly look beyond our own horizons and work tightly together with a team of support specialists in all core areas of the business: educators, parents and teachers, test institutes, architects, universities and science. At eibe, we want all children to enjoy outdoor life, to romp around and be wild. The more sensory channels are being activated, the better the retain of information. In this sense, movement and active playing have a truly positive effect on learning.

10. Internationality

With more than 300 employees around the world, our business group with its headquarter in Röttingen, is one of the most modern development and production facilities for indoor and outdoor play equipment in Europe. 

eibe offers absolutely everything for the perfect playground: operating in every continent on the planet, we now have European branch offices in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, as well as a network of international dealers across the globe.