eibe play worlds inspire for over 35 years!

eibe - a family business with global appeal

Starting as a small carpentry business 35 years ago, eibe is today an internationally successful family-owned company. The main manufacturing site is still located in Röttingen: The manufacturing base in Röttingen is one of the most modern development and production facilities for play equipment in Germany. Here we produce - exclusively for you - eibe ORIGINALS. We consistently follow our goal: Creating play equipment that supports children, challenges teenagers, accompanies adults and offers great fun in physical activity. 

The evolution of play equipment

The name "Eichinger" was first mentioned in the church records of the town of Röttingen in the 15th century - the Hartmut Eichinger Company stems from this original carpentry business. It was in 1975 that the name was officially changed to eibe. Today eibe is one of the leading manufacturers of playground equipment, with more than 300 employees worldwide, engaged in the design, production and sales of the high quality products of eibe. 

eibe remains in the family - for eight centuries

Tilo Eichinger has been the owner of eibe since 2005 - completing the extraordinary family succession tradition, whereby company ownership is passed from generation to generation. eibe has now been owner-managed since 1438, covering EIGHT centuries. 
Active as chairman of the BSFH (German Federal Association of the Manufacturers of Play Equipment and Recreational Centres, e.V.), Tilo Eichinger has received prestigious awards such as “Entrepreneur of the Year 2009” as well as the “Grand Prize of the Medium-sized Businesses – Finalist 2009”.
Since 1971 eibe products are being awarded repeatedly with national and international prizes such as Worlddidac "Die gute Industrieform" or the federal award "Gute Form".

The secret of our success: Highest quality and play equipment that completely inspires!

It is not without reason that our playground equipment completely inspires young and old and lets our customers completely rely on us. 

The following principles are an integral part of our corporate philosophy:  

  • Everything we do puts the client first! Customer orientation and a good customer relationship are our top priorities for lasting success. 

  • Quality, safety and environmental understanding are strategic imperatives! We act responsible towards society and the environment. 

  • With our playground equipment we want to foster the health of children, teenagers and adults!

  • We develop playground equipment always in accordance with current standards: We record and link our knowledge permanently and keep ourselves up to date. With teamwork and network thinking we guarantee our customers the skills of all specialists under one roof.