Playground equipment for the catering and hotel industry - adventure facilities that guests will remember

Playground equipment on hotel grounds, surrounded by green plants.
eibe playground equipment for the catering and hotel industry
eibe play equipment reference in an outdoor catering area.

For recognition value and satisfied visitors

An appealing outdoor area is the be-all and end-all of any hotel and restaurant facility. Families like to visit restaurants, and it is essential for parents that their offspring are offered enough activity during their stay. Happy children mean happy parents. A play area, therefore, attracts guests and invites them to linger in peace. Your Restaurant is assured of positive reviews. But more than that: a well-thought-out playground concept gives your facility recognition value. For example, a themed playground that takes up the peculiarities of the location, such as a play ship near the water. Regardless of which theme suits you, be it a farm, a knight's castle or a fire brigade - striking play equipment for the catering and hotel industry help visitors be remembered and offer an opportunity to come back soon.

Safe and durable play facilities for all ages

So that our play equipment for the catering and hotel industry also fits perfectly with the respective facility, eibe develops an individual concept for each outdoor area. From themed landscapes to climbing facilities to water playgrounds, we will find exactly the right solution for you. Our play facilities are made of wood so that they combine optimally with the environment and provide children with a natural play environment. In addition, they are robust and resistant to all weather conditions, which enables them to have a long service life. As one of the leading manufacturers of play equipment, responsible gaming fun is important to us. We, therefore, guarantee the high quality of our playground equipment and its safety. This also includes the appropriateness of the playground for the respective age. eibe also offers a comprehensive range of crawling and toddler playgrounds for children up to 4 years of age.

When planning, budget, legal requirements, safety, educational requirements and play values are taken into account depending on the individual requirement - as well as the location factors and the functional and equally attractive design. Would you like more information about playground equipment? You will regularly find interesting articles on our blog.

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