Play equipment for childcare facilities - movement promotes learning

Playground equipment for childcare facilities from eibe - playground equipment with play tower, nest swing over a sandy surface and various seats.
Playground equipment for childcare facilities from eibe - toddler laughing into the camera on a play tower.
Playground equipment for childcare facilities from eibe - wooden play equipment under a sun awning, seating arrangement around a tree.

The right play equipment motivates play and movement

Children learn by testing their motor skills and exploring their environment. Especially in childcare facilities, it is therefore essential to offer them appropriate opportunities for this. eibe's play equipment for childcare facilities is characterised by its versatility: They have a high play and educational value and can be played on in a variety of ways, with plenty of room for creativity. Starting with well-thought-out toddler concepts, through sand and water play systems and climbing equipment, to extensive themed and fantasy worlds that encourage role-play. We offer a comprehensive range of outdoor play equipment suitable for every childcare facility. We manufacture our play equipment from robust Robinia wood, which makes it durable and weatherproof and, on top of that, allows children to play in a natural environment.

Nursery playground equipment, playground accessories and more

A well-designed outdoor area with high-quality Nursery playground equipment is an excellent foundation for any childcare facility. However, more is needed for a complete set-up: for example, retreats for the little ones that allow for rest breaks and private conversations. Sunscreens to protect children's skin from strong sunlight are also a must, as well as seating for children, caregivers and outdoor group activities. In addition, accessories are needed for many play activities, such as buckets and shovels for water and sand play areas, but also vehicles or balls for free play. eibe offers all this and more. We design your entire outdoor area, safely and pedagogically and equip it thoroughly. When planning play facilities for nurseries and kindergartens, we take into account budget, legal requirements, safety, pedagogical demands, and play values according to individual requirements - as well as location factors and practical and equally attractive design. On the eibe blog, you will also find regular articles on important educational topics.

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