Playgrounds for housing estates - an important component of an attractive residential environment

Playgrounds for housing estates - balance path from eibe in front of a residential complex.
Playgrounds for housing estates - children romping on a large playground from eibe.
Playgrounds for housing estates - two boys on a balance path from eibe.

Target group-oriented playground concepts for housing estates

A versatile playground is part of a family-friendly residential complex. It serves as a meeting place for children, offers them a nearby place to play and allows them to live out their natural urge to move. In short, a playground enlivens the residential environment, enhances it socially and visually, and makes it attractive for young families. But the older generations also benefit from a versatile facility. Depending on the design, an exercise area can become a green oasis and thus a recreational space for parents and seniors - a residential neighbourhood that inspires all residents across generations.

eibe creates environmentally friendly and sustainable concepts for every residential complex, taking into account the specific requirements of your target group. Whether barrier-free or age-oriented, sports-focused or the desire for a visual highlight: a play and exercise area for residential complexes delivers versatile added value for your residential property.

eibe supports you in the planning and implementation of your playground.

Building regulations and playground statutes stipulate by law when a playground is obligatory for residential complexes. However, when it comes to planning and implementing your building project, it pays to call in eibe. For almost 40 years, the playground specialist has been supporting developers as a sovereign partner and creating pedagogically valuable play worlds that make children's hearts beat faster. The wood used for the construction of eibe playground equipment comes from exemplary forestry and is 100% FSC® certified. In addition, eibe guarantees TÜV-tested safety according to DIN EN 1176 and takes care of playground testing and maintenance. Thus, the safety and longevity of the playground are guaranteed without much effort.

From spring seesaws to large-scale facilities: the planning of a playground for residential construction meets every budget. eibe finds precisely the right solution - always taking into account legal requirements, safety aspects and play values according to individual requirements. Talk to us!

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