Public playgrounds - planning for cities and municipalities

Public playgrounds - children playing on eibe play equipment in an inner-city green space.
Public playgrounds - eibe play equipment on a green space in the middle of an urban setting. 
Public playgrounds - laughing child swings on eibe play equipment.

Playgrounds as an asset for city marketing and city image

Public playgrounds shape not only the visual image of a city but also its media image. Beyond the marketing aspects, playgrounds should, of course, also meet educational requirements. This is why a holistic and well-thought-out playground concept is indispensable. In urban areas, near-natural areas are becoming increasingly rare, but for optimal development, children need a play environment that is as natural as possible and offers them a variety of sensory experiences. A green playground also has advantages for older residents: it gives them a break from everyday life and counteracts mental tension and emotional stress. In addition, creatively designed playgrounds are wonderful eye-catchers that visually enhance urban spaces and serve as unique landmarks that give cities, communities and municipalities an additional, memorable feature.

Versatile solutions thanks to site-specific combination units

The requirements for public play facilities differ at each location. Especially in urban environments, factors such as play area politics, technical regulations, aesthetic demands and multi-generational and age orientation vary greatly. Our combination units offer the right solution for every public playground. They provide a wide variety of play values that support children in their different stages of development, also ensure sightlines for social control and are accessible to everyone thanks to accessibility. The environmental awareness of a city can also be represented by public playgrounds because playground equipment made of wood is characterised by longevity and sustainability.

When planning public play facilities, budget, legal requirements, safety, educational demands, and play values are taken into account according to individual requirements - as are location factors and practical and equally attractive design.

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