Ahoy Hollybank Pirates

Over the past few years, eibe Play has had the opportunity to collaborate with Havant Borough Council on several play area projects. In 2022, eibe was invited to submit a proposal for the installation of a new play ship at Hollybank Play Area. The existing ship was showing signs of wear and didn't provide enough play value to engage the local communities.



eibe Play was thrilled to participate in the tender process for this project in winter 2022. The maritime theme and natural aesthetic required for the play ship aligned perfectly with their expertise. eibe Play takes pride in creating custom-made natural play spaces, incorporating themed play items when needed to enhance role play and teamwork. With their outstanding natural timber elements, they aimed to bring the play area to life.

For this particular project, eibe Play utilized their exceptional Play Ship Jargo, made from beautiful natural Robinia wood. Packed with exciting play features, the Play Ship Jargo offered children the opportunity to explore both the lower and upper decks. With challenging climbing ramps and a fireman's pole, this ship provided an enjoyable and stimulating addition to Hollybank. At the top of the ship, children could slide down and repeat the fun all over again. The local children would have a blast imagining themselves as ship captains sailing the seas around Havant!

After being awarded the contract, eibe Play collaborated with the council to present initial design concepts. Following a few minor adjustments, eibe Play was entrusted with carrying out the project. The work commenced in mid-May and proceeded smoothly, with the installation completed within three weeks. The play area was then opened to the public just in time for a delightful sunny bank holiday weekend, during which the play ship received ample use and was adored by the local community.

We take great pride in this play space and eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership with Havant Borough Council to ensure its popularity for years to come.