Beccles Play Area revitalized for 2023

eibe Play was tasked to improve the play space at Beccles Common for toddlers and junior children. The common is very popular within the local community, and parents frequently visit the playground with young children of toddler age in the daytime. We designed, supplied and installed a play space with as wide, diverse and inclusive a range of play activities as possible for the budget.

The equipment within the playground offers children aged 2-13 in the local area progressive play opportunities as they grow. We intended to include physical, social and sensory play value. Children can participate in Physical play activities, including swinging, sliding, climbing and crawling, rocking, balancing, and rotating. Almost all of the equipment in the play area requires or offers children the choice to play together and encourages social play. To incorporate sensory play, we looked at equipment with visual, auditory and tactile play qualities. The equipment we included within the toddler area was a minimondo multiplay unit, a double-sided frog spring rocker, and a toddler swing set with one standard cradle seat and one ‘me to you’ seat. In addition to this, we have included a pair of sound echo talk tubes and a climbing pyramid. A selection of new junior play equipment is positioned at the east end of the playground, closest to the skate park.  This comprises a new junior flat swing, a basket swing, and a multiplay unit with a tall slide and multiple ascents.

The play area is 1300 square feet but includes several mature trees; this meant being creative with the available space and selecting equipment that would be appropriate in extended periods of shade. We chose equipment from our Unique and Minimondo range, constructed using 150mm RAL vacuum pressure-impregnated round poles on steel feet. Coloured HPL panels and the matta surfacing provide a pop of colour in a usually dark area. The natural appearance of the timber mixed with elements of colour appeals to children and complements the semi-rural environment. To ensure a long life, the play equipment is modular and, as far as possible, free from surfaces that are impractical to clean.

After evaluating the playground design, eibe Play was privileged to be awarded the play area refurbishment contract. They quickly engaged with the council to refine the play equipment chosen, and after a couple of minor amendments, the manufacturing of the equipment commenced. The play area was opened in early August and has been busy throughout the summer holidays. eibe play looks forward to supporting the community for years to come and has been overjoyed with the positive feedback it has received.