Memorial Park - A play oasis

eibe Play was tasked to create a natural-looking play space that provided the local children with fun and challenging play equipment with an all-accessible surface. All of these, eibe Play specialise in, so we jumped at the chance of submitting our design proposal.

The first process was to identify the equipment we would like to include. It was necessary at this point to have the right amount of play equipment that caters for the broadest age group possible. Also, with this in mind, it was essential to include the right amount of play value. Which also offers the children a variety of play features and options to use the play space. This could consist of swinging, bouncing, balancing and jumping.

eibe Play chose its impressive Robinia Paradiso range and Unique Softwood pine range for this play space. It would offer the play area a natural look whilst providing the local community with the right play equipment. As the children enter the play space, they are greeted by the fantastic Playship Amphora. This toddler and junior climbing piece provide numerous play experiences such as sliding, climbing and jumping whilst offering key learning development opportunities such as role play and social interaction. The local children will have fun pretending to be a Captain sailing down the Thames.  Various play panels surround this fantastic play ship and two of our excellent Robinia Animal Spring Rockers. This doesn’t complete this. Oh no, there are also various other play items located on an accessible play surface for children aged between 2-8 years old to enjoy. The area has also been designed to be as inclusive as possible and to include play equipment that all abilities can use. This can be seen with the inclusion of our Satellite Carousel, which offers amble back and neck support as the carousel spins around. Our Robinia Toddler Swing Frame and other sensory play items complement this area.

A unique feature of this area is the wheelchair-accessible Sand Construction Unit Sandro. The construction unit is installed within a new sand pit structure, which allows the local community to use it all year round due to its weatherproof canopy. This fantastic item promotes key development skills such as eye-hand coordination, discovery and social interaction. The community will enjoy this area’s sand play elements for hours of fun.

eibe Play chose a wet pour safer surfacing for this area, which allowed them to theme the safer surfacing to add extra meaning and enhance the end user’s experience. For example, the sea-themed surfacing around the Play Ship Amphora includes shark and fish graphics. Research was carried out on what colours would benefit children with additional requirements such as autism, and orange came out as a very friendly colour to use within the play space. With this in mind, eibe Play has used an orange pathway leading throughout the play area. To ensure its welcoming for all users!

As you move into the play area, the age range of the play equipment moves slightly higher, from toddlers to early Juniors. Wherever possible, we have included play equipment that is challenging, accessible for all and unique. For example, we have used our Ninja Trail Jump Contest, which will be the first one installed in the whole of London.

Moving into the separated junior area, The Multiplay unit chosen for older juniors was the Play Unit Han. This play item is designed for children aged from 7 upwards and provides a challenging and fun play experience for the children using it. The unit has been designed to make the children feel like they are playing high up in the trees, offering them plenty of routes down if they are not quite ready to take on the next crossing. Located in this area also is our ever-popular Namaka Spinner, which allows numerous users to enjoy its excellent play value at once and our Nest Swing and thrilling 20m Cableway. Towards the other side of the junior play space, eibe Play added a selection of their fantastic Wheelchair Assessable Seesaw and Robinia Hammock.

After the council went through a consultation stage with the local community, eibe Play was privileged to be awarded the play area refurbishment contract. They quickly engaged with the council to refine the play equipment chosen, and after a couple of minor amendments, the manufacturing of the equipment commenced.

The play area was opened in early June, on a lovely summer’s afternoon, with the local children eagerly anticipating its opening. eibe play will return with Goodie bags for the play area’s grand opening in the spring. The local community continued to use the play equipment until dusk, and the play area has been packed ever since.

eibe play looks forward to supporting the community for years to come and has been overjoyed with the positive feedback it has received.