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The correct assembly and playground maintenance

To ensure long pleasure with your products, the skilled assembly and playground maintenance in compliance with the current safety requirements is crucial. We support you with manuals and services which guarantee the correct assembly and maintenance.

Professional assembly of play equipment

The detailed assembly instructions you receive with your eibe products, enable for a skilled assembly of play equipment. We explain the assembly step by step, with clear illustrations. Additionally you receive essential and helpful information like foundation plan and detailed data sheets to all components.

The high quality standards of the eibe assembly instructions, enable a faultless installation of our play units. For this reason an initial inspection and acceptance, which is recommended by the DIN EN 1176-7, usually is not necessary for our play units.

Playground maintenance - playing safely

Once the playground is installed, next comes the playground maintenance. Now it is important to maintain and preserve the playground: building sand castles, climbing and running - a playground offers children a play world to test out their abilities. We as adults and the playground operators, are responsible that this play world remains safe.

The essential inspections of playground maintenance

Maintenance, operation and further details about the 3 required types of inspections are regulated by the DIN EN 1176-7.

  • The visual routine inspection: Highly frequented playgrounds and those in social flashpoints which are vulnerable to vandalism must be inspected daily. Likewise can a coastal location, high air pollution or older equipment require daily inspections.
  • The operational inspection: Check of the functionality of all wear and tear parts on the equipment.
  • The annual main inspection: The main inspection is the most extensive inspection within the playground maintenance. Additionally to the visual and operational inspections, the professional playground controller checks the condition of the play unit, foundations and surfaces on their operational safety.

In our detailed maintenance manual that you will receive with your purchase order, we explain the important issues concerning the maintenance of your equipment.

Is the playground maintenance too time-consuming for you, take advantage of our all-round carefree package, the eibe Premium Service.

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